Portfolio 5 projects (PDF)

Gregory Skvortsov photographer, videographer, timelapse and photogrammetry artist working with industrial, urban exploration and architectural heritage contexts. 

Author and participant of several exhibitions at local museums, including PERMM contemporary art museum and Perm City Center. 

His ritual/industrial ambient music band Jagath performs at abandoned historical and industrial sites, then being released at various music labels, including Cold Spring in England.


2022 «Industrial and Urban Exploration» — selected art photography album

2022 Land art video Jagath — Svapna in PERMM museum collection

2022 «Death is what you want» — author and director

2021 Jagath — Arnas — video and live at Perm Wave festival

2019 Author of architectural heritage exhibition «The End of Perm» at Center of City Culture

2017 Participation in total installation «Steelworks Smells Sounds» at PERMM museum


2021 Participation in «Nigredo» at PERMM museum

2018 Participation in «Perm like Perm» at State Art Gallery

2017 Personal exhibition at Perm City Duma

2016 Personal exhibition at Perm State University

2015 Personal exhibition at Perm house of journalists

Books, articles and lectures

2021 An Article about industrial heritage of Perm

2019 Lecture «The End of Perm» at PERMM museum

2016 Album «Perm from above»

2016 Travel guide «Perm. Perm Krai»


2023 Jagath Anantara — Self-released

2022 Jagath — Svapna — Cold Spring

2021 Jagath — Samadhi — Black Mara

2020 Jagath — Devalaya — Cold Spring

2020 Jagath — Agni — Self-released

2011 //Z — Ultrastructure — СЕКТА

2011 //Z — Brainworm — СЕКТА


2022 Sonic Seducer Interview (source)

2021 Unveil Life In The Abyss — Side-Line magazine Interview

2020 Orkus! Magazine Interview (source)

2020 The place is a part of the music fabric — Darker magazine 

2020 We must do something to keep from freezing to death — Zvezda

2015 The search of Utilitarian Perm  — New Companion 


2014 Perm State University — Hydrology

2010 Perm College of Construction — Architecture